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Lady era is a sexual stimulant designed to elevate sensations in girls during sexual interest. The factor that is essentially responsible for the results of female era is sildenafil citrate.

What is female Viagra (lady era) ?
Viagra for ladies is an modern scientific product created particularly for those women who need to growth the sexual arousal and get pride all through the sexual intercourse.

Female technology ought to be taken 45 minutes before sexual intercourse. This drug can absorb to one hour to start working on your frame. As soon as it’s miles taken, the outcomes can last up to four or 6 hours. In case you are taking this tablet for the first time, start with small doses of 25 to 50 mg.

Side effects
No Side effects… Aspect consequences of woman technology will no longer show up for the maximum element if the drug is run in small doses in the beginning.


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