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By Green World Gastric Health Tablet in Pakistan At Starting Price: 2530/PKR Available And All Other Major Cities in Pakistan.


Gastric Health Tablet in Pakistan – Green World

Gastric Health Tablet in Pakistan there are numerous styles of nutrition, fatty acid, citric acid, caloric acid. But manic acid, flavorsome, lactose, glucose, protein, fat in addition to minerals including calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Your studies suggest that the promoting of the stomach.

Health Tablet in Pakistan incorporates evaluation and lipase. It can give a boost to the stomach and sell digestion.

  • RADIX PSEUDOSTELLARIAE AND RHIZOMA DIOSCOREAE OPPOSITAEIt can accelerate the secretion of gastric juice and improve the movement of the stomach and intestine. According to TCM, these two herbs are beneficial for the spleen meridian, which governs digestion and ingestion, and the metabolism of food.
  • PERICARPIUM CITRI RETICULATAETogether with other components normalize the function of the stomach, alleviate gastro-abdominal distension, anorexia, vomiting, and diarrhea caused by stagnation in the spleen and stomach. The naphtha in Pericardium citrus reticulate can ease the spasm of the smooth muscle and improve the digestive function of the intestine.
  • FRUCTUS HORDES GERMINATUSIt acts as a tonic for the spleen and stomach meridian. It relieves food stagnation. Digestive enzyme amylase, invertase and vitamin B complex in Fructus hordes germinates have a good effect on digestion promotion
  • FRUCTUS CRATAEGIThere are various types of vitamins, fatty acid, citric acid, chloric acid, malic acid, flavorsome, lactose, glucose, protein, fat as well as minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Research shows that the promotion of the stomach, promoting hunger, and promoting the stomach is called organic diseases, lipoic acid, and Vitamin C in its ingredients, which promote gastric juice and picnic problems. I can help, increase stomach acne, which includes analysis and lipase. Strengthen the stomach and promote the digestion


  • Beneficial for dyspepsia
  • epigastria suppression and poor appetite caused by weakness of spleen and stomach
  • Enhances the natural defense function of the stomach


  • People with dyspepsia and or/ constipation
  • People take alcohol excessively
  • People with anemia caused by a lack of stomach acids
  • People with pimples, acne, rough skins, or dull and dark complex, who need to detox.


  • Radix pseudostellariae,
  • pericardium citri reticulate
  • rhizoma discourage opposite
  • Fructus hordes germinate
  • Fructus crataegi

Gastric Health Tablet Recommended Use:

  1. For people with Dyspepsia Or a bad urge for food.
  2. But For Heavy Drinkers Or those On medicine For long.
  3. For those with persistent Gastric disorders.
  4. 2 tablets each time, two times In an afternoon. ideally, bite The pills.

Recommended Use:

For Those With Dyspepsia Or Poor Appetite.
For Heavy Drinkers Or Those On Medication For Long.
For Those With Chronic Gastric Disorders.
2 Tablets Each Time, Twice In A Day. Preferably Chew The Tablets.
Composition: Hawthorn, Malt, Radix Pseudostellariae, Dried Tangerine

Green World Gastric Health Tablet Price in Pakistan is 2000/PKR

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